Device Security

We develop and deliver the device and OS agnostic security platforms. 

Device Security Platforms

Security Platform provides 2 different types of device security platform depends on the functionality of the device. Our platforms are provided in forms of tailor made OS for:

  1. Small devices (a.k.a. 'things')

  2. Gateway devices (aggregated connections of such small devices). 

Security MCU + Axio-OS

Device Security Platform

Enables the security for small devices (a.k.a. ‘Things’). Axio-OS allows the OEMs and Makers to integrate a full security measures into the devices for unique identity and confidentiality. Provided as embedded Linux or RTOS and following security features are included.

  • Device authentication

  • Anti-Cloning

  • Message signing

  • Anti-Forgery

  • Secure Updates with signed code

MCU + eSE + Axio-OS

Gateway Security Platform

Gateways that connect IoT devices to the networks need to be secured as well as the small devices conected. IoT devices are always connected and always on after a one-time authentication process, which can make them perfect sources of infiltration into networks. More security needs to be implemented on the gateways to improve the overall IoT security.


Axio-GW enables the security for gateway devices connecting small devices and various things so that IoT service providers and operators can ensure unique identity and confidentiality. Axio-GW in form of embedded Linux.

  • Hardware authentication

  • Anti-forgery system

  • Application isolation

  • File & Comm. encryption

  • Secure update with signed code

MPU + TPM + Axio-OS