Our Story

Since July 2015, Security Platform is putting the best efforts to make the connected world safe and trusted by secure HW, secure OS, and versatile development kit. 

Our Vision

Security Platform was established in July 2015 to pursue a vision of trusted connectivity in the era of Internet of Things since we strongly believe the security is the key foundation of IoT and it must to be simple and easy for all.

Security-by-Design (Intrinsic Security, Built-in Security)

Security has become a necessity and top priority which cannot be an afterthought in the Internet of Things. Since the traditional IT security with software add-on solutions is not adquate any longer for IoT, the hardware based “intrinsic” security has become an ultimate solution even if it is in very nascent stage yet.

Device security requires a converged technology of hardware, OS, and security altogether. This is why we teamed up with experts who have average 20 years experiences and specialties in chipsets, memories, BSP, various OS and cryptography. Our device, OS and network agnostic security platforms help customers to simply jump start product development with the embedded security measures from the design stage.






What We Do?

  • We provide device security platform for the OEMs and developers who are unfamiliar with security, enabling the full security measures at their fingertips at a nominal cost.

  • We also provide an end-to-end integrity platform for the IoT service providers and operators, helping them focusing and enriching IoT services to ensure customer satisfaction and secured user experiences.

Our Investors

We are proud to be a portfolio company of Softbank Ventures Korea and Premier Partners. Alongside the efforts and support of our investors, we are now growing in the global market together with all related eco-partners. 


Our Partners

Our technology partners are global manufacturers of secure SoCs and secure MCUs to build the most effective and practical security engines in the corresponding vertical market sectors.


We also partner with security solution providers, module vendors as well as the IoT service provider or operators to make an ecosystem for the better and secure connectivity.

We would continue developing and expanding our partnership to help our customers focusing and enriching IoT services to ensure customer satisfaction and secured user experiences.

Corporate Identity and Brand Story

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