Smart Meter for AMI 2.0

Security application integrated smart meter prototype for utility service providers

The 1st OEM To Achieve PSA Certified™ Level 1

Secure application for smart meter goes beyond basic security requirements like device authentication and data encryption as specified in the DLMS standard, it supports a lot of security features such as secure boot, secure key management, attestation, secure firmware update and secure key generation for provisioning. 

This allows the device manufacturers to implement the smart meter solutions

securely, robustly, efficiently, and easily.

Our embedded IoT platform is a good pairing to the prototype hardware, as it offers a supporting service platform. It provides the security from the system layer to the application layer, and the integration of the Pelion IoT platform ensures that the platform to support end-to-end lifecycle management of the device. 



Security Architecture

Security Features



Support Network

Support Application

Nuvoton NuMicro® M2351

Arm® Mbed™ OS

PSA Certified Level 1 for OEM

Secure Boot

Secure Key Management


Secure Firmware Update


(And many industrial standard networks)


Available with Arm® Pelion™ Device Management