Transport layer of IoT can be secured by VPN implemented in the MCU. The VPN-on-Chip can be very useful for various IoT devices including CCTV and IP camera.

Hardware VPN Client Solution

Axio-VPN is a compact single channel hardware VPN client unit for IoT devices. Instantaneous installation and configuration can be done by inserting the unit in-line using the UTP cable between the IoT device and internet to provide secure tunnel with encryption as it is powered on without software VPN client.

  • Axio-VPN

STM32F437 (168MHz, SRAM 256KB, Flash 2MB)

AES Accelerator, True Random Number Generator (TRNG),
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0

2 x 10/100Mbps Base-T

IN: Eth in STM32F437, OUT: USB 2.0 (CDC-Ethernet)

UART (Management), BLE (option)

> 10Mbps

IEEE802.3at ( > 40W, 200mA)


HW Security



VPN Throughput